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Yesterday marked my return to blogging. I lost steam in June, when I finally got my travelers to London. The Wheatons and their European tour were my main reason for starting this blog. I thought a this-day-in-history plan would force me to keep writing. Now that it’s late August, that model certainly won’t work, as they had returned home to Norton, Massachusetts, by this point in 1862. But surely it’s not a good idea to postpone more news about their sojourns and journeys until June 2011, the next time this-day-in-history would be appropriate.

No, I will return to writing about the Wheatons and their time in London on Monday. In the meantime, I’ll say a bit about how they have featured in my life since June.

I was in London myself from the end of June through the beginning of July. This summer marked the first time that I spent enough time in the city to get something of a feel for it, and that helped me a lot as I worked on the poster/demo that my colleague, Wheaton College Archivist and Special Collections Curator Zeph Stickney and I presented at the Digital Humanities conference at King’s College.

Our demo used GoogleEarth to map sites we know the Wheatons visited whilst they were in England and Europe in the spring and summer of 1862. I had already visited some of the European stops in summer 2007. If I were to set a goal of visiting all the spots the Wheatons did, only the Rhine Valley, Brussels, Liverpool, and some English castles and palaces would remain.

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