Encoding Financial Records

We held our NEH-funded meeting about encoding financial records at Wheaton College on August 18 and 19, and initial responses to our assessment instrument (read Survey Monkey) suggest that participants agree that we had a productive and energizing series of discussions. We will be testing some ideas based on ontological and embedded encoding through the next couple of months, and we will complete our white paper by the end of the year.

I was pleased at the level of enthusiasm for the endeavor over the course of the two days. Participants contributed experience and examples from their own projects. And I learned new things about current ideas around interoperability and making data harvestable.

We have begun to build an exciting community of practice composed of participants with diverse expertise who see significant potential in developing models for digitizing financial records from the early nineteenth century and before.


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2 Responses to Encoding Financial Records

  1. Hello. I’m very much interested into this topic. Did you make any progress? do you want to share them? in case maybe you prefer to get in contact via email?

    • Our white paper should be available on the NEH site soon. Also, we’ll be presenting at the TEI meeting at Texas A&M in November. And finally, I’m in the process of starting a website for sharing ideas about the topic. Looking forward to collaborating with colleagues around the world on this project.