Ah, Omeka

For the past couple of days, I’ve been struggling to install Omeka on this website. It’s part of one of my larger projects for this sabbatical, a considerably expanded version of the poster that I presented at DH2010 with my colleague Wheaton College Archivist and Special Collections Curator Zeph Stickney. For the poster, we mapped a journey that Eliza Baylies Wheaton and her husband Laban Morey Wheaton made to London in the spring and summer of 1862.

For some time, I have been interested in developing the presentation into either a print publication or a website or both. Self-publication is the best option currently available to me for the digital version of the project.  And the Omeka installation to create a repository to hold the images that are associated with the project is a first step in building the website.

So watch this spot for updates on the progress of the build and–eventually–the website itself. I may even hold a virtual launch party once it’s ready. Who knows?

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