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How I Spent Spring 2014

I’m still working out the relationship between my blog posting and the writing I do every day.  A while back, I posted an intention of narrating my daily work during my spring sabbatical as a way to document some of the challenges of doing digital history as a mid-career academic at a liberal arts college with limited time for support among my colleagues in Library and Information Services (LIS).  I left off daily posting when I hit a snag with setting up an Omeka repository on this website and then began to write a co-authored piece about my long-term project in teaching and research, the Wheaton College Digital History Project.

That article will be published online in Transformations, a publication of NITLE’s Shared Academics, and I want to say a bit about why I chose to spend considerable time on a piece for a nontraditional publication.  Partly, my reasoning is about the respect I feel for those colleagues in LIS, colleagues without whose collaboration I would not be able to do a lot of my work in teaching our students using digital tools and methods.  I’ve written here before about how important collaboration is to many of our efforts in the project, and a co-authored article about how collaboration works for us demonstrates my respect for my colleagues and for LIS staff members in other institutions.  All too often in colleges and universities, faculty members forget the important educational work that these colleagues do in our common work with our students.  And one of the most important things I have learned in the work I have been privileged to do with NITLE has been the expertise and energy that LIS staff members bring to higher education.

Another bit of less formal writing that I did this spring appeared on the Day of DH site in April.  Every year, people who work in digital humanities take time to do a “day in the life” set of posts and tweets, and this year I posted mine to the common site that facilitates archiving of this activity.  (As a historian, I’m kind of keen on archiving.)

The Transformations piece took a lot of time, and now I’m turning to papers I’m writing for summer conferences, DH2014 and SHEAR.  Both require some work with digital methods, and I’ll try to do a better job of documenting that work here over the next several weeks.

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