Curriculum Vitae (brief)

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Encoding Historical Financial Records. 2012-present.

Doing History Digitally. 2008-present.

Wheaton College Digital History Project. 2005-present.


A Grand Tour During the U.S. Civil War, a website incorporating Omeka, Neatline, and TEI/XML files.

Transactionography: Laban Morey Wheaton Day Book and Ledger, an XML test file.


Encoding Historical Financial Records. With Syd Bauman. Invited. Journal of the Text Encoding Initiative [Online], Issue 6/December 2013, Online since 22 January 2014. URL: ; DOI : 10.4000/jtei.895 .

Encoding Financial Records for Historical Research, with Syd Bauman in Digital Humanities 2013: Conference Abstracts (Lincoln, Nebraska: University of Nebraska, Lincoln, 2013), 540-542.

Encoding Financial Records, Journal of Digital Humanities [Online], 2/2 (Spring 2013). URL:

The Wheaton College Digital History Project: Digital Humanities and Undergraduate Research, in Digital Humanities 2011: Conference Abstracts (Palo Alto, CA: Stanford University Library, 2011), 377-379.

Digitizing Ephemera and Parsing an 1862 European Itinerary, with Zephorene L. Stickney, in Digital Humanities: DH 2010, Conference Abstracts (London: Office for Humanities Communication and Centre for Computing in the Humanities, Kings College London, 2010), 377-379.

Teaching with the History Engine: Experiences from the Field, with Lloyd Benson (first author), Julian Chambliss, Jamie Martinez, and Jim Tuten, Perspectives (May 2009).

Digital Technologies: Teaching and Expanding Access to Archival Documents, in Women’s Memory: The Problem of Sources (Istanbul: Women’s Library and Information Centre Foundation, 2009), 400-408.

Encoding Text, Revealing Meaning: Pedagogical Implications of the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) for Teaching History at Small Liberal Arts Colleges, with Scott Hamlin, Zephorene L. Stickney, and Kathleen Ebert Zawasky, International Journal of Knowledge, Technology, and Society, 1/3 (2006): 157-164.

1995 Ph.D., U.S. History, University of Wisconsin-Madison.
1989 M.A., U.S. History, University of Wisconsin-Madison.
1985 B.A., History, Rice University.

CURRENT ACADEMIC APPOINTMENT: Associate Professor.  Wheaton College.


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