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#FCCNetNeutrality Vote Today

It’s heartening to see that people’s interest in preserving free access to the internet seems to be having an effect.  The New York Times published an article about Columbia University law professor Tim Wu last weekend.  Wu is credited with creating the idea of net neutrality.  He has argued that the internet should be regulated like a public utility.  The article is worth reading.

So is today’s piece in the Technology section, which explains that FCC commissioners are voting today on whether to publish Chair Tom Wheeler’s proposal and solicit public comment.  Among other things, the piece includes images of folks who have camped outside FCC offices in Washington.

For information about many actions happening today, a number of organizations have put together a website with plenty of resources.

This will not be the last time people will have to come together to remind government that freedom of speech and freedom of the press require an open internet.  So it’s a good time to take time to amplify our voices.

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